Dangers of Grinding

All the problems experienced from clenching can result from grinding too, since clenching is part of grinding. Even if you are a light grinder and don’t notice any clenching problems, you will also have the additional problem of wearing down your teeth. Grinding doesn’t just affect one tooth: It tends to wear down all your teeth at once. The process is often a slow one, and if you don’t clench hard during your grinding (so you don’t wind up with migraines, tooth pain, neck pain, or some other kind of pain that alerts you to the grinding), then your dentist will probably notice your grinding before you do. As teeth slowly wear down from grinding, they often become more sensitive, including sensitivity to hot and cold. Worn teeth generally become weaker in every way, becoming more vulnerable to cavities, being chipped or cracked, etc.. As teeth wear down, the jaw must close further and further to bring the teeth together. This can become quite visually noticeable to other people, particularly when someone with worn teeth is chewing.

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