12) The Placebo Effect

The term “placebo effect” refers to the fact that in many instances, someone believing that something will make them feel better measurably influences whether that thing actually does make them feel better. Beliefs have been shown to influence healing, recovery from disease, etc.. That is why the effect of belief is legally required to be measured and compensated for in drug testing, so that the effect of belief does not get claimed by drug companies to be an effect of the drug.

The placebo effect varies widely from person to person, and situation to situation. The placebo effect is itself a pattern interrupt. If you have a condition you believe will persist, and trying some potential cure has you shift to a state of mind where you think your condition will not persist, that change in thought pattern (and all the subconscious changes that go along with it) can represent a substantial pattern interrupt, and may be just as powerful a potential cure for bruxism as anything else.

So whether or not you have been thinking that the cure for your bruxism is just around the corner, it might make sense to experiment with a pattern interrupt which you have the best feeling about, because those feelings themselves can make quite a difference.

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