4) Bodywork

One way to alter all of your neurological patterns of activity is to alter the sensory input which comes from your own body. Techniques of doing this include chiropractic adjustments, massage, and Craniosacral adjustments. Not only do all these forms of bodywork alter the pattern of neurological signals coming in from the body, but they can also all have effects on things such as hormone balances, increase in the body’s efficiency level in eliminating toxins, etc.. If you just imagine how your own state of mind varies between a day when your body is in pain or feels like it’s not working well, and a day when your body feels energized and alive, you can get a feel for how much your subconscious neurological patterns might change from having some bodywork done.

If you can imagine feeling substantially better as a result of having some bodywork done, you might want to add this to the mix of things you try to reduce your bruxism, since there will be side benefits you would probably like to have anyway.

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